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Do you have any video tutorials?
Are Altamura bodies compatible with heads by other brands?

Yes, they are.

What is the difference between Headless Body and Full Body?

Headless Body: only the body without a head

Full Body: body and head together in one piece

Does the Sofia body use Omega? How do I apply clothes? What type of clothes should I be buying?

Yes, all Altamura Bodies/Fullbodies are Omega compatible. On the older non upgraded bodies, wear Omega Relay for Altamura (you find it in the Main Store or in the Marketplace). The first time click on the Relay to activate it. To apply your clothing, lingerie, or tattoo  simply click on your applier, and you see in the body. All Altamura bodies have 2 clothing layers (another one than usual), it means you can apply at the same time for example: 1 tattoo, 1 lingerie, 1 dress (top and bottom), 1 jacket.

To properly use Omega on thee bento mesh with upgraded HUD, simply wear the Omega installer and click it to install it. You may then use any Omega appliers.

To see 4 layers or sometime to see your layer you have to wear (you find in the package):

Altamura: 3- “name X” CLOTHING

What is the difference between nails A and B?

This only applies to the older non upgraded HUD-

Nails A: one texture on all fingers

Nails B: different texture for every finger