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Altamura Traditional Mesh Head comes with one main hud, and two appliers: one for the makeup and one with 4 skin tones, with or without eyebrows.

Traditional Mesh Heads are Omega System compatible.

The main HUD provides: landmark to the Main Store, link to Website, link to mesh heads/bodies Marketplace, link to clothings & accessories Marketplace, detach button.



  • 1 Skin Tone with and without EyeBrows

All these following sections are customizable: tintable by Color Picker and have different intensity by Blend.

  • HairBase
  • EyeBrows
  • EyeShadows
  • Blush
  • LipStick
  • EyeLashes

Show/Hide Ears & Neck Size Option.

Animations: Smile, Wink, Bite Lip, Brows & Close Eyes. BLABLA Talk.


1) Wear mesh head
2) Add (right click -> add) Altamura: “Name X” HUD WOMAN v0.35
3) Wear Altamura: SKIN HEAD and choose a skin tone
You can see the skin tone both in the head and in your HUD. Warning: it happens that Omega System repeat one or more the image transmission in your HUD. In this case, you can overwrite one of these.

Now your head is ready to use!!
You can customize it with your HUD and you can change color and intensity opening “color picker” by click at the bottom of the HUD.

Some instructions to show the HUD use:

You can display or not your ears, and use neck size.
If you have SL body or fat body you can choose the right size. In other cases, you can turn off the neck size by “R” button.

They have 3 length positions that you can change by arrows.

There are some animations and poses for your mesh head. You find them at the left of the HUD and they are always shown. The first button is a pose stand.
In the package you have “BLA BLA” gesture: if you wear it and open your microphone, you will see your mouth speaks and move your head.