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Altamura Bento Head comes with:
0=Bento Instructions
1=Shape and Eyebrows Shape
2=Bento Head
4=Head HUD
5=Skin and Makeup Applier
6=Bento BLABLA Gesture to talk

This product is Omega System compatible but you need to purchase an Omega Installer to activate the plugin. You find it at the link:
Omega System Kit for Altamura

██ ▌▌Start to use your NEW Head! ▌▌██

1) Wear Altamura: 2- “NAME X” Bento Head
2) Wear Altamura: 3- Alpha (choose the option you prefer)
3) Wear Altamura: 1- “NAME X” Shape
4) Add (right click -> add) Altamura: 4- “NAME X” Head HUD
5) Add Altamura: 5- “NAME X” Skin and Makeup applier

██ ▌▌MAIN HUD ▌▌██

When you wear for the first time the Main Hud you see 5 big sections:

HUD Instructions - Head General Sections

1) Brand Informations (from left to right button)
– Landmark
– Website
– Marketplace Store for Body & Head
– Marketplace Store for Clothings and Accessories
– “X” to Detach the Hud

2) Poses & Animations (from top to bottom)
– Open/Reduce Hud
– Stand Pose button
– Open mouth
– Close eyes
– Smile
– Wink
– Three different Facial Animations AO
– Reset all animations

Click to activate and the button changes color from white to orange; click again to toggle off (button come back white).

►Stand pose button: you can use it while you are making change to your look. To toggle off, click again on the button.
►Open mouth/ Close eyes/ Smile and Wink: they are static animations and they can be activated individually or together mixing and matching them. To toggle off them, click on the every button to take off individually or on Reset button to take off all together.
►Three different Facial Animations AO: they are dynamic animations and they can be activated only individually. If you like one animation (i.e. to take a photo), you can stop it clicking on its the button. When you click again on the button, the AO starts from the beginning. To toggle off click on Reset button.

3) Head Areas

– Skin
– HairBase
– EyeBrows
– EyeShadows
– Blush
– LipStick
– EyeLashes
– Other

All these following sections are customizable.
They are tintable by Color Picker (except Show/Hide Ears & Neck Size Option).
They can have different intensity by Blend (except Skin and Show/Hide Ears & Neck Size Option).
You have all default skins and makeup in Altamura: 5- “NAME X” Skin and Makeup applier.
Warning: it happens that Omega System repeat one or more the image transmissions in your HUD. In this case, you have to overwrite one of these.

►Skin: Four default Skin Tones with and without EyeBrows. If you want apply another skin, you have to delete one of these default skin clicking on “X” button, and when you apply the newest, it will appear in the button as preview.
►HairBase/ EyeBrows/ EyeShadows/ Blush/ LipStick: Five default colors or makeups.
When all buttons are full, and you want to apply another makeup, you have to delete one clicking on “X” button.
On/Off button: activate and toggle off the makeups.
►EyeLashes: One type with three lenghts. Select “A” to have lashes in alpha blend or “B” in alpha mask. Then use right or left arrows to select the lenght you prefer.
To detach them, click again on “A” or “B” buttons. The first time you use this HUD you have to activate lashes texture, to do that wear Altamura: 5- “NAME X” Skin and Makeup applier and click on lashes button.
• Show/Hide Ears allows to wear mesh ears from other creators or to hide if poking through hair.
• Neck Size Options. Use it if your head neck size do not match with body neck size. In other case, select “R” to deselect it.

4) Head/Face options
Eight slots for each head area. When they are all full, click on “X” button and delete one or more, then you can save other makeups. Default makeups and skin are available in your pack in Altamura: 5- “NAME X” Skin and Makeup applier.

5) Color Picker
It works with all Head Areas except “Option”. Show/Hide the panel clicking on the bottom of the HUD.
Use it if you want to change color to your makeup or skin tone.
First of all you see the color in the HUD, then if you select it, also in the head.
• Click on the color you want in the color picker. You see the color in the horizontal tab under the color picker.
• Choose the lightness you prefer clicking on black and white vertical tab at the left side of color picker. You see the changes in the horizontal tab under the color picker
• Click on “SAVE” button
• Click on the relative button next to “SAVE” button.
If you want come back at original color, click on any white round button.

Altamura 0- FEMALE HEAD HUD use