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“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity,”

(Marilyn Monroe)

Altamura SOFIA Bento Body


Sofia Bento Body is only a body, without head, with Bento Hands. It is Omega compatible and Bento Hands work with all Bento AOs.

It comes with:

0=Bento Instructions
2A=Bento Body
2B=Clothing Layers
4A=Body HUD
4B=Head HUD
4C=Nails HUD
4D=Hand Poses HUD
5=Body Skin Applier
6=Layers Applier

Body HUD:
Alpha Sections (Front, Back, Macro Area, Mid Area, Micro Are, Zoom), 4 Skin Tones and Color Picker, 2 Clothing, Lingerie & Tattoo Layers Options. Save/Get Preset (Layers&Alpha), 3 Feet Static Position (Flat, Mid, High).
Nails HUD:
Selection pointer, “All” button selection, “All left hand/foot” button selections, “All right hand/foot” button selections, “On/Off” button to show/hide nails, 4 different shapes with 2 different lenghts, 10 empty Custom Slot to apply Altamura or other Brands texutures, 7 different Default Textures, 7 different Default Skin Tones, Color Picker, 10 Color Picker Slots to customize the color of your nails, Shine bar, Get/Save Preset.
Hand Poses HUD:

Open/Reduce/Detach buttons, 14 Static Poses for left and right hand, 2 different Hand Animation AOs with dynamic animations.

Complexity Alpha+Body: 7342.

Sofia is available at Main Store and Marketplace .

For further informations about HUD use, click here.