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“When you are happy to be only yourself and you do nt compete with the others, all people will respect you”

(Lao Tzu)

For a man that doesn’t  fear judgments, the Aaron Bento head is what you need.
The hard strokes, and the penetrating gaze and the chance to totally transform and shape the salient features of his face, are the main Aaron Bento Mesh Head points.
Virility and particularity in a single product.

Altamura AARON BENTO per MP


Omega compatible.

All bodies by other brands are compatible except Aestetics and TMP.

Bento Mesh Head: Head shape is totally customizable
Head Hud: 4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, HairBase, EyeBrows, EyeShadows, Beard, LipStick, EyeLashes Tintables and 3 different Eyelash Lengths. All sections are customizable with color picker. Show/Hide Ears.

Animations: Eyes only, Mouth only, Smile/Happy, Sad, Mixed Random, Confused, Soft AO, Reset button. All animations can be stopped all time you prefer to have your fixed expression.

Complexity Alpha+Head: 4740.

Altamura suggests to see the great Strawberry Singh Video Tutorial.

Special Thanks to “Berry” for her professionalism!