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Altamura Punk Piercing Kim Bento Head


The including set requires a KIM BENTO HEAD.

The set is composed by 8 piercing including:
– 6 right eyebrow piercings;
– 6 left eyebrow piercings;
– 2 for mouth.
It comes with a HUD that allows you to change color and show or hide your piercings.

In the section 1 you can change the color of right eyebrow and upper mouth.
In the section 2 you can change the color of  left eyebrow and lower mouth.

You can also save 7 favorite colors using the empty checkboxes below color picker.

You have 9 options to customize your piercings.
In particular you can do Hide or Show:
– All eyebrow right piercings
– All eyebrow left piercings
– That over the lip
– That under the lip
– You can turn off one by one on the eyebrows individually.