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At this round of eBento Event Altamura offers you a lot of products, included Full Body Bento Head, at 25% OFF!

Aggie & Albert Bento Full Body are composed by Bento head and body together. It is not possible to take off the head. It comes with two main huds, one for the head and one for the body and separate hud for the nails.

Upgrade with Bento Hands will be send for free.

Deal is on:

Bento Full Body: Aggie & Albert

Skins: Baltic & Aquarius

Aggie Bento Urban Piercings

Albert Bento Rebel Piercings

BANDANA” Band Fatpack

BANDANA” Scarf Fatpack

Do not miss this opportunity from 10th September til the end of the month!!

Altamura @ eBento NEW landmark