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Alpha Sections are:
– Front
– Back
– Macro Area
– Mid Area
– Micro Area
– Zoom (Click here)

►Front and Back have 3 levels of selection:
• Macro Area: big area, it works on the front and at the same time on the back of the body
• Mid Area: medium area, it works only on the front or on the back of the body
• Micro Area: very little area, it works clicking on the every little alpha parts
Zoom: allows to choose in which part of the breast it is necessary to apply the alpha and also it provides presets for the torso (front and back).

►At the top right there are 4 buttons:
• coloured part button: it shows only on the hud all micro alpha sections (they are selectable).
• skin button: it allows to come back, only in the HUD, and see the skin.
• transparent button: it is used to have the body and the head totally transparent both in world and in the HUD.
• skin with navel button: it shows all mesh body and head both in world and in the HUD.