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Altamura MAX Bento Mesh Fullbody Gift AD.png

With the fantastic response Altamura’s gift Valentina received, it seemed only fair to offer a male companion gift for all the men of Second Life. Thus “MAX” Bento Fullbody Gift was born.

“MAX” bento fullbody is a complete male avatar with bento hands and head, and with a full body alpha HUD to be able to wear the mesh clothing you desire. MAX comes in TWO versions, one has a light skin tone while the other has a dark skin tone. They are offered separately, with the former at the UNIHISPANA CREA COMMUNITY GATEWAY and the latter dark skin toned MAX at AJUDA SL BRASIL.

“MAX” is a great gift, and he is available to ALL residents of Second Life, no group tag is required!

If you’ve been holding off on transitioning to a bento mesh avatar, there is no reason to wait any longer. You can find all the necessary information at the Altamura main store.