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How do the bodies that have the new HUD use the Omega Kit?

The upgraded Altamura bento bodies use the Omega Kit differently than previously, and it’s MUCH simpler.

Go to the folder with your unpacked Altamura avatar. Right click and ADD the ‘AltamuraBa: -4- *NAME* Fullbody, ‘AltamuraBa: -5- Lingerie/Clothing layers’, ‘AltamuraBa: -7- Fullbody HUD-‘, and the Omega Kit Installer (Omega Kit for Altamura can be purchased for L$99 at their store ).

After unpacking the Omega kit, go to it’s folder and find the Installer and right click- ADD it. Click the installer and wait for it to say it’s finished in the local chat.

Detach it and use all your Omega appliers

* To use a omega applier follow these guidelines:
– Always be sure to have the Fullbody HUD on when using an applier.
– Skin, Makeup and Tattoos goes directly on the body.
– All lingerie and clothing from appliers goes onto the ‘AltamuraBa: -5- Lingerie/Clothing layers’

*note: The Omega Kit for Altamura is the same for male and female.

I’m having issues seeing something I just added with an applier

Sometimes we’ll have masking issues in SL. The simple workaround is to go to your body’s HUD, alpha section. Turn off the layers the applier you’re trying is not using. Use your applier. You should see it now, and can turn your other layers back on. IF you don’t see it in it’s entirety, just use the macro button on the top left of the alpha HUD, and hide the area the applier covered. Then show it again. The applier should now show in it’s entirety.

I just received one of the upgraded bodies. What do I do now?

We have several resources available to quickly get you up and running. For a simple HUD manual go to here

We also have made some short videos to walk you through the process here in multiple languages. Our Altamura tutorials Youtube page is here