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Where are the Main Store and your Marketplace?
Do you have a video tutorial?
Do you make Updates? Are they free?

Yes, Altamura gives free Updates, and you can receive it via the “Redelivery” vendor in the Main Store.

Does Altamura use Omega?

Yes, Altamura is Omega friendly. You can find the System Kit on the MP at Omega Kit for Altamura, or in the Main Store.

How does Omega work with Altamura?

For any of the standard mesh bodies and any bento mesh that haven’t been upgraded to the new HUD:

After unpacking the Omega Kit for Altamura, you will find the “Relay” and “Installer” inside the folder.

Wear the appropriate HUD according to your choices.

Relay works ONLY on the body and Installer ONLY on the Head.

For detailed instructions see:

How Omega works with Altamura

For all bento mesh that uses the upgraded HUD:

After unpacking the Omega Kit for Altamura, you will find the “Relay” and “Installer” inside the folder.

Wear the “Installer” and click on it. Wait for the message in nearby chat window that it’s finished installing.

Where can I find Developer Kits for Altamura?

Follow the instructions at these pages: Developer Kit for Applier and Developer Kits for 3D Parts

Where can I find information and FAQs about Heads and Bodies ?

Here: Head and Body

My body seems to disappear every time I TP, and I am forced to reload. How can I fix this?

The reason your body disappears when you TP has nothing to do with the body itself. It’s a common problem with mesh bodies when they aren’t worn on Avatar/Center. Just go to look at what you’re wearing, detach whatever is on avatar/center, detach the body, then right click on the body inside the folder and select attach to, avatar center. Then ADD whatever else as usual.
Your problem will be solved. This is one reason why our fullbodies are popular. Because the complete body only takes one attachment point, leaving you with more attachment points to wear other items.

Who may I contact IW for further information?

Please contact via notecard DaddyStickler Resident. As an alternative, ask in Support Group Chat.

Copy and paste in local chat to join the group: